M Curry Art Studio (Gobles, MI) Ages 10-17 (all supplies provided in house) in Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Colored Pencil, Drawing, and Calligraphy. Class - Tuesday 4-6pm (2 hrs x 10 wks) $160. Tutoring by appointment (2 hrs) $20. HSB - Gathering interest in doing Thursday classes, contact me if interested! KAT - (Kalamazoo Area Tutors) Monday 2:30-4pm (18 wks) $195. I have earned 2 degrees in Art. I often locally show and sell my work, as well as enjoy teaching young and old. I am a 22 yr veteran Homeschool parent, and this is my career.  I believe art yields character qualities of courage, self-discipline, self-esteem, and problem solving, and reflects us as persons made in God’s image.