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Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response to the changes in our Resource Center! The vast majority of feedback has been very affirming and understanding. We appreciate your support!

We’d like to address a few questions and expound on the process a bit more:

How will you stock this ‘new’ space and how can we take an active role in this?

One of the primary ways we sustain our ministry is through book donations resold in our Bookstore for a fraction of what they would cost our patrons to purchase otherwise. This benefits many families while ensuring our ministry, as a whole, is able to remain open. A few weeks out of every year, we overflow the used section of our Bookstore into a classroom across the hall, but it has never been enough time or space for all the families who want to shop.

The biggest request is, and has been for quite some time, for us to have more space to offer a greater selection of used materials throughout the year. While change can be scary for all of us, we are so thankful to have a solution that will benefit even more families and help to ensure the longevity of our outreach. Your gently used books and materials have helped to fund our outreach ministry and bless other families for many years. This is an excellent way to clear out the materials you’re no longer using and continue supporting the HSB!

Isn’t the Resource Center, and the HSB as a whole, a ministry?

Yes, we are a ministry and take that facet of what we do very seriously. However, it is imperative that any ministry also be good stewards of the monies they do have, making fiscally responsible business decisions to protect the ministry.

The expense of keeping a ‘check-out library’ open is considerable compared to the number of folks who still desire the use of those resources. We can assure you that this decision was made after much research. We labored for some time over what we could do to offset the continued, rising expense of providing a service that fewer and fewer people are utilizing each year. Being a fiscally responsible ministry (both in service and future-minded sustainability), it is time to make a change.

Is the HSB in financial trouble?

No, we are not in financial peril to the point of closing the HSB. On the contrary, and in keeping with our history of fiscally responsible stewardship, we are looking ahead and making a change before peril is at our doorstep. We are making this change to ensure our ministry is here for years to come!

After waiting patiently for direction, this answer came to our leadership as a way to shift an aspect of our services to serve a larger number of families as well as offset the downturn in monetary donations we’ve experienced in recent years. The practical reality is that the library is only serving 2.3% of the patrons who have accounts.

Will the Resource Center still be available as a quiet study space for the few families who use it?

Yes, our plan is for this department to remain open as a wonderful resource for the families and organizations that meet here. This area will still be available for those accustomed to using that space for an overflow of quiet, supervised study.

We love Darlene and have been blessed by her through the years…is she going to retire?

Yes, we love Dar too! She has served here for nearly 18 years and is looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren and her already retired husband. She is excited to begin this new chapter in her life. She was just chatting with us last week saying that she had begun to get her things together for work the next day when her husband said he’d forgotten she had to go in! She only works here two days a week, but he was already mentally on board with her being home to spend each day with him. We have been blessed greatly to have Dar working with us for so many years. She is not just an employee here; she has been and continues to be a dear friend. 

Will enough folks use this new space?  Who will run it?  If left ‘as is’, couldn’t volunteers run it?

Yes, this shift from serving 2.3% of our families in the Resource Center to serving a far greater number of families in this new capacity is truly an exciting change all the way around! The current Bookstore and Resource Center are staffed by experienced home educators and alumni. The current Bookstore and this ‘new used space’ will continue to be staffed by these caring, knowledgeable leaders. As to the question of having volunteers run the Resource Center to keep it open as is, we would still need staff members to oversee and schedule these volunteers. We would also still face many fixed expenses associated with a department that brings in no income to cover said expenses.     

How can we support the ministry in the days, weeks, months, and years to come?

HSB, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit ministry. All departments work hand-in-hand toward the one goal of maintaining and growing our reach. There are many ways to support the ongoing success of this vital outreach ministry!

  1. Monetary gifts toward special projects and fixed operating expenses.

Each year we take on special projects to either repair or update facets of the facility. These needs are widely posted throughout our various media outlets. We also have year-round fixed expenses (such as 30k in annual utilities) that can be offset with tax-deductible, monetary donations.     

  1. Donations of your gently used books and materials.

             These books are sold in our store (and the new department to come in Fall 2019) at a fraction of the cost families would have to spend elsewhere. This benefits our ministry as well as the countless families to whom we are able to make such materials available. As with gifts made to any ministry, you will receive documentation of your donated materials for tax purposes.

  1. Service opportunities.

We have service project opportunities year-round! Many of you already serve in the building on a day you are here with an organization that requires your participation. Often this service is credited to you as volunteer work in service for that group. There are countless opportunities, outside of your service to those groups, that benefit the HSB as a whole. We are grateful for those who may volunteer to help beyond that which is stipulated.

  1. A spirit of gracious positivity.

             Facility use should mirror that of the mission statements printed in the manuals of the groups who meet here. We can choose to be grace-filled and solution-minded or allow the spirit of negativity and entitlement to govern our actions. A spirit of entitlement will corrode whatever it comes in contact with and is lethal to any organization. We, at the HSB, are so thankful for the gracious, giving, and supportive families who utilize our facility. Your spirit of kindness is a gift!

  1. Prayer support. While the HSB welcomes and needs monetary donations, those who are faithful in prayer support are also greatly appreciated. There may be times when your finances are such that writing a check or donating goods may not be an option. Your prayer support, a positive attitude, and graciousness toward all the HSB staff mean so much!

Again, thank you for what you bring to this ministry and the home education movement as a whole. We appreciate you!