We offer a wide variety of Christmas tress - both pre-cut and self-cut!

White Pine (any size) – $45/ea

White Spruce (any size) – $55/ea

Colorado Blue Spruce (any size) – $55/ea

Norway Spruce (any size) – $55/ea

Blackhill Spruce (any size) – $55/ea

Fir (under 6 ft) – $55/ea

Fraser, Concolor, Douglas or Canaan Fir (6-8ft) – $65/ea

Fir sizes 8-9′ ~ $75, 9-10′ ~ $85, 10-11′ ~ $99, 11’+ ~ $10-$12 ft.

Bailing, shaking and drilling at no extra charge!

We also offer wagon/hayrides, hot beverages and snacks every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (upon request)!

Santa will be taking a break from his busy holiday schedule to visit with us! Join us November 29th and 30th, and December 7th from 11am to 4pm to meet Santa!

*$4 Horse-drawn wagon rides available too!