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Where do my donation monies go?‚Äč

Have you ever wondered what it costs to maintain an outreach ministry of this size for just one year? For those of you who faithfully support this ministry and for those who are considering doing so…here’s a glimpse of what it takes to keep our doors open.

The 2016/2017 year ended with maintenance and repair expenses totaling $46,332.10. In addition to these expenses, the utilities for that same year were a staggering $31,178.52!    

What are we working on in the 2017/2018 fiscal year? What have we already tackled and what is on the docket? Have you noticed how nice and bright the gymnasium is these days? That’s because we just overhauled the gym to cost efficient LED fixtures. Ever wonder the cost associated with a lighting project for a space that size? That necessary upgrade came with a price tag of $10,278.50.

In keeping with our fiscally responsible budgetary practices, we get numerous quotes from reputable businesses for the projects we undertake. We don’t participate in a deficit spending mindset. We exercise extreme patience in raising funds in advance of taking on projects, whenever possible.

Have you noticed the carpet in Room #2, the Family Room and Hallway? Although we regularly have the carpets shampooed for the sake of sanitation, the constant traffic has left these areas looking as if we’ve never done so! They are simply worn out, ripped and permanently stained.

What will it cost to replace the commercial grade carpets in these three areas? We need to raise $14,593.48 in order to begin the project.   

Please consider how your donation can help ensure the longevity of this ministry for your family and thousands of others who depend on us every month throughout the year. If we were ever forced to close our doors, the negative impact would be felt by hundreds of West Michigan home educators and the community beyond.   

For those of you who gave last year, we thank you ever so much for making a difference. For those of you contemplating doing so this year…we implore you to make that tax deductible donation today!


You may mail your tax-deductible donation check, drop it off in the office or even donate with a card over the phone. You may also choose to donate your TRIP funds to the ministry. We always welcome gently used book donations that may be brought to the store where a tax receipt will be issued.

Any amount is valued and appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Please make checks payable to:

HSB, Inc.

5625 Burlingame Ave. SW, Wyoming, MI 49509

616.532.9422 x4