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5625 Burlingame Ave SW
Wyoming, MI 49509
P: 616-532-9422 F: 616-532-6274
Our Office and Bookstores are open:
Monday - 10 to 7
Tuesday - 10 to 4
Wednesday - 10 to 4
Thursday - 10 to 4
Friday - 10 to 4

Inclement Weather Procedures

Here’s a reminder of how HSB, Inc. determines and notifies the public of closings: As a general rule, we will close our building (due to inclement weather) when the Wyoming area schools close. If you are affiliated with a particular group who meets at the building, the administrator of that group will have received notification from the HSB Director if the building is indeed closed on any given day/night. From there, the Director will post the closing on the GRAIL system. These closings, once submitted to GRAIL, will run as a ticker on the local TV stations, be announced on various radio stations and also be available to view on most websites affiliated with the aforementioned stations.

There may be occasions when a Wyoming area school will be closed due to boiler trouble or for some other reason specific to that school. In that case, HSB, Inc. will not close. When in doubt, please check a local TV Station or their website for up to date listings as posted by GRAIL.