At Sneller Snow & Grounds, we have a uniquely positive environment of happy people who enjoy their work and take pride in what they do. Our fleet is well maintained, and we have a strong emphasis on being orderly. We focus on proactive preventative maintenance. Our team has been blessed with two beautiful facilities, enjoyable work conditions, and high morale. We are thankful to be in a position where we can pay people the top range of what they are worth and offer advancement opportunities.

We are looking to add an additional mechanic to work with our current team. The mechanic's work would be servicing a wide range of equipment from snow removal equipment to diesel trucks, automotive, and landscape equipment. Most people are not proficient in such a wide range of equipment, so we will offer training where needed. Due to our company’s emphasis on snow removal, we are looking for someone who would rather work longer hours during our busy season in the winter. We love that this means we get to offer significantly more flexibility in the summer for vacations and personal days. Check our website to learn more about us. Email Jeff Sneller if you are interested.